• Into The Woods Films

    This was a quick screener site built for the film Us and Them, produced by Into The Woods films in 2016.

    Front-end, Media
  • Blueprints to Bricks

    This is a heavily animated site built specifically for presentation purposes on behalf of Strudel. It uses Drupal to make the content easily editable but with some front-end modifications to allow the site to load the multiple pages as one section.

    Strudel, Animations, Responsive, Drupal
  • Birkin Group

    This was a Drupal build completed in 2016 with the complete design provided by Hug London. The site is a front-end heavy build and makes extensive use of photography

    Hug, Drupal, Front-end
  • Icon Property

    Built for Jago Partners in Drupal, this is a luxury property website. With multi-language support, user registration, favourites, maps, faceted search, SalesForce integration and image gallery support, this was a complex build.

    Drupal, SalesForce, Multi-language, Search
  • Link Me Up

    This was originally a site built for matching up PAs with Employers for (Hug) London which uses extensive user registration and search facilities, as well as location based matching. The site was updated with a new design in 2016 and made to work on a franchisee basis.

    Hug, Front-end, Drupal, Responsive, Solr
  • Lycamobile Video Competition

    This was a 17 country multi-lingual, multi domain Drupal site built as a competition portal for Lycamobile. The site was partitioned across different countries so that entries were separate from each other.

    Drupal, Multi-language, Geocoding
  • Floreat

    Floreat is a financial services company. This build was on behalf of Brane and is primarily an HTML build making heavy use of transitions and scrolling events.

    HTML, Front-end, Transitions, Brane
  • Preventicum

    A basic corporate website built in Wordpress, with a custom theme.

    Wordpress, Brane
  • We Are Waterloo

    Built for Strudel, We Are Waterloo is a directory website covering the Events and local businesses in the Waterloo area. The search feature makes heavy use of Faceted search and Tags/Taxonomy.

    Drupal, Strudel, Search
  • Cemento

    The Cemento website is a simple product driven project with some simple transitions and basic parallax scrolling working with Hug London.

    Wordpress, Hug, Transitions
  • Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund

    The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund is an archive site made on behalf of Strudel. Its a static site with sections for document archives and animated pie charts to show funding breakdowns.

    Drupal, Front-end, Strudel, Transitions, Responsive
  • Britain's Best Breakfast

    A site built on behalf of Strudel and the Carer's Trust, this was built with interactivity in mind and is a site for registering and showing votes on the best Café in Britain.

    Strudel, Transitions, Animations, Front-end, Responsive
  • Heathrow Terminal 2 opening

    This is a simple, responsive webform that captured information from users (as an RSVP). An email was sent to several databases using a custom built template in Campaign Monitor.

    Brane, Email, Bespoke, Responsive, Campaign Monitor

    MEAME is an e-commerce site specialising in clothing products for cyclists. The site has been through two iterations with a series of improvements to the shopping and checkout procedure. It makes use of high quality imagery and original layouts.

    Wordpress, E-commerce, Front-end
  • Marie Stopes - Vasectomy Microsite

    This was a microsite built for Marie Stopes that discusses vasectomies using an FAQ style layout for men and women.

    Bespoke, Front-end
  • Westminster Bridge Road Project

    In conjunction with Strudel, this website was built to dynamically show information during and after the consultation period for a regeneration project on Westminster Bridge Road in London. The site uses a "full-page" style layout.

    Strudel, Drupal, Front-end, Animations
  • Giant Sparrows

    Giant Sparrows is a site that sells custom phone cases. This was a full site build starting from an early consultancy phase, and features E-commerce heavily. In addition, a "customiser" was built to allow users to upload their own artwork and position it for printing.

    Drupal, Custom Module, Front-end
  • HYPvideo

    HYPvideo is a site for promoting HYPtv's media and video production. The site makes heavy use of video, using the draft HTML5 video specification.

    Drupal, Front-end
  • Coram Voice

    The Voice website was built whilst working at Strudel and designed by them. Voice are a children's charity but also caters to professionals so the site caters to several needs, and also features a bespoke Drupal module.

    Drupal, Strudel, Custom Module, Front-end
  • HYPtv

    HYPtv is a completely bespoke social media hub for design and media professionals. Users can upload any media type and share them with friends and groups. A microsite system was also developed to allow the client to deploy min-sites for competitions.

    HYPtv, Bespoke, PHP, Front-end, Social, Media
  • Duggers of London

    An E-commerce site for shoes, Duggers of London was setup as an HTML skinning of a Bigcommerce site, which is a basic but customisable platform for online shops.

    HTML, Bigcommerce, Front-end
  • St Luke's Healthcare for the Clergy

    The St Luke's Website (built whilst working at Strudel) is a simple content-driven site for health services for the Clergy.

    Drupal, Front-end
  • Reflections EC1

    Reflections EC1 (built whilst working at Strudel) was a simple content-driven Drupal site that featured heavy use of animations and page transitions using jQuery.

    Drupal, Front-end, Strudel, Transitions